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Study in USA from Bangladesh


The United States of America constitutes of 50 states and is home to over 1,095,300 international students. Owing to the huge number of international students, the USA is ranked #1 for international student housing. The Ivy- League universities are among the most prestigious universities in the world. According to QS World University Rankings® 2020, the top 10 universities include 5 universities from the USA and amongst them, MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology stands proud at the top position. The cultural diversity is huge in the USA. You’ll meet people from all over the world, from every religion, every race and ethnicity. Studying in the USA will broaden your perspective and will introduce you to countless future opportunities. As far is job after graduation is concerned, the USA has the largest economy in the world with a GDP of 21 trillion USD. Along with highly developed and technologically strong service sectors, the USA has breathtaking landscapes. From the hustle-and-bustle of Las Vegas to the serenity Hawaii, the USA has everything that one can dream for. Let’s see why the USA is the top-rated destination for higher studies: Visit our office or call +88 01911 87 82 74 for basic information.




Studying in the USA is a dream for many since it is considered as the best education hub in the world. More than five US institutions rank among the top 10 world-leading universities. In addition, more than four thousand world-class universities provide top-notch education. And therefore, being a graduate from any of these, YOU can build an outstanding career. In most cases, American employers consider the graduates having US degree as their employees. As a result, studying in the American universities is the first choice among international students. Growing in the USA is also beneficial for students to let creativity bloom since this World economic Power is the leading source of cutting-age developments in technology, commerce, fashion, entertainment and beyond. During study period, international students are free to work for 20 hours weekly though hours are unlimited during vacation and holidays.


Most reputed universities in the world


The USA is home to over 5,300 colleges and universities. This long list contains some of the most prestigious and respected institutes in the world. Institutes like MIT, Stanford and Harvard are present in the USA. The educational structure of these institutes is very advanced and practical. The universities focus on problem-solving and thinking abilities of the students. The reason why the USA is a hub of technology and home to Silicon Valley is its research-based approach in its educational institutes. A wide range of degrees is offered in the USA. If you want to be a part of a strong research culture and study from the most skilled faculty in the world, the USA is your best bet.


Strongest Economy


The 21 trillion GDP makes the USA the largest economy in the world. The decade long expansion of the American economy has created over 20 million jobs. There are countless industries present in the USA ranging from healthcare to logistics and transportation. The most valuable companies in the world, Apple, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Nvidia, Oracle, and countless others have their headquarters in Silicon Valley. Further, According to the World Bank, the USA has 60,200 PPP dollars per capita income. For a Bangladeshi student, getting a job after graduation won’t be an issue. Visit our office or call +88 01911 87 82 74 for basic information.

Study in USA with Scholarship


The USA is the home to the highest number of international students. Every year, thousands of international students choose this study-destination to receive best quality education and broaden their experience. Therefore, it is frequently asked question why I should choose the USA for my higher study. Now, go through the following reasons to get your answer-


Grow in the Multi-cultural Environment


The United States is the home to the largest number of ethnic groups. You will find the combination of white and European Americans, black and African Americans, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Easterners and North Africans, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans. As a result, you will have the best opportunity to grow in a multi-cultural and multi-racial environment that will definitely help you learn about the whole world living in a single country- America!


Get Best Quality Education in a Variety of Fields


The US possesses the worlds’ finest university system where students can study in virtually all fields. It is well known that the largest number of top ranked universities reside in the US and that’s been possible because of its academic excellence. Besides that, it is a place where students can study diploma, bachelors, masters, and PhD in the fields ranging from social science to rocket science including engineering, Medicine, Fashion Design and so on. More importantly, students get the opportunity having the finest minds as teachers in their respective field of study that leads them to learn something special and build an outstanding career.


Enjoy Campus life


You are studying in the USA doesn’t mean that you will only broaden your educational opportunities and earn a global degree. Rather you will enjoy every single moment of your campus life since you will have program mates from different cultures. You will never feel bore because of diverse culture. Every day, you will learn and enjoy something new- no matter whether you attend a small college or a university. International student office and Campus student center always serve something enjoyable to international students. Therefore, campus will not only enrich your academic performance but it will also make your time special with different cultural and athletic activities.


Experience the Cutting-Edge Technology


Whether you study in a college or university, you will always find an institution offering the best possible resources to its students. All the US institutions use state-of-the-art technology and make them open to the students. Therefore, studying in here you will not only become a graduate but will learn a lot from experiencing the equipment of cutting-edge technology.


Best opportunity to do Research


After graduation, students find the opportunity to do research on special projects under the supervision of experts in relative field. Generally, studying any of the graduate programs, you will have opportunity to get professional training or work as research assistant.


Tuition Fees and Available Scholarships


It is true that studying in the USA Universities is quite expensive and thus generally international students can not consider USA for their higher degree. However, there are several universities and colleges offering bachelors and masters with affordable tuition fees. Even, some of the listed universities and colleges offer scholarships up to 50 to 70 percent in a regular basis. Therefore, if you dream on studying in the USA, you need to seek those universities and colleges to study with lower cost. Besides that, if you have a standard score in IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/SAT, you are more likely to be granted for full scholarship on tuition fees.


Do Part-time Jobs while Studying


Students are allowed to do part-time jobs up to 20 hours per week during study. On an average, one can earn more than 15 dollars per hour. But if you have skilled-job, the amount could be much higher and possibly could reach to 25 dollars. The earnings from such hours are sufficient to cover one month- living-expense. Even, you could save a good amount of money by working more hours during vacation as there is no limit on working hours. However, while in many countries students face barriers in finding jobs, they find jobs very easily in the US due to the high demand of workers in American job market.


Get Internship after Study


Getting available internship opportunity in the US companies after study leads International students to choose this country for their higher degree. Each year, a lot of American multinational companies demand fresh graduates from local colleges and universities. Graduates from American institutions are on top of employers’ choice. To be noted, in choosing right applicant employers do not usually care about from where you come from. It is enough for them that you have been graduated from US institution. However, besides American top multinationals you as an international student will have opportunity to do intern in International organizations as well, e.g., UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, World Bank etc.


You can Switch to Work Visa after Degree


After graduation, you will be given time to look for jobs. You have multiple opportunities to get jobs in the respective field you have earned your degree since their degree curriculum is designed to serve practical knowledge. And therefore, becoming a graduate in any subject in US curriculum means you have both academic and practical knowledge. However, once you get job you can easily switch your status into working visa without any hassle.


Easy to Get Permanent Residence


America is a home to hundreds of ethnic groups. It is generally said that this is the home to all living in here. Holding an American degree plus work experience for more than 1 year will make you eligible to apply for permanent residence in the USA- a dream country to millions!


Enjoy Worlds’ Most Attractive Tourist Destinations


Every year, millions of people visit the US to enjoy its scenic natural beauties and architectural designs. Among many, Statue of Liberty, Disneyland, Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate Bridge attracts the largest number of international tourists. While people from around the world spend thousands of dollars, studying in such a tourist destination you will have extra opportunity to enjoy all the beauties at anytime at freebie!


Why you should choose Sunrise Education Consultants?


What are the admission requirements of each university? How to get a USA visa? Dealing with all the hassle of collecting the required documents, submitting them, no proper counseling, issues of visa processing, and being confused about the interview can be very cumbersome for you to do alone. There are many scholarships in the USA for Bangladeshi students that people are unaware of. Hiring a good consultancy firm is a must. Let us see why Sunrise Education Consultants are the best in what they do:

Admission and Visa Requirements


Now that you’ve gone through the perks of studying in the USA, we’ll talk about the admission and visa requirements. If you want the admission process to hassle-free, the following are some of the requirements you need to keep in mind.


For Bachelors/Undergraduate


o A Bangladeshi student requires the HSC/Intermediate certificate with proof of one year of education in any Bangladeshi university. The HSC GPA should be greater than 4.00.
o Proof of English proficiency is also required for almost all American universities. The language tests like IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge ESOL examinations (CAE) are used to evaluate English proficiency. For IELTS, the acceptable score ranges from 6.0-7.5.
o Some universities require SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT scores. The minimum scores required vary from university to university.
o Recommendation letters, CVs, and SOP are also required. o The average application processing fee is $41.


For Masters/Postgraduate


o Undergraduate degree from a reputed Bangladeshi university.
o Recommendation letters.
o Statement of purpose.
o Some universities and degrees require work experience. You will have to present the work experience certificates.
o IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/GRE scores may be required. The minimum score requirement may vary. English proficiency proof is a must.

Visa Requirements


o For a Bangladeshi student, an F1 student visa is required.
o You will have to pay a visa fee of $160 and a SAVIS fee of $350.
o The printed copy of DS-160, the online application form will be attached.
o An F1 student visa allows more than 18 hours of study in a week.
o You cannot work off-campus in your first year but can work a max of 20 hours per week in the coming years.
o Proof of availability of funds.
o I-20 form that will be sent from the university. o Interview appointment letter.

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