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Sunrise Education Consultancy Accommodation and Housing service

Accommodation and Housing is one of the most important factors to be considered while going to study in abroad. Sunrise education consultants which works on the universities that offer full scholarships to international students is always concern bout the accommodation and housing. The students are in the huge tension regarding their accommodation and housing in abroad because if the accommodation does not become suitable or suit to the students their study will be hampered.


Hassle-Free Accommodation Solutions for International Students

It is difficult for the students to manage accommodation if the journey is for the first time. The students should remember that every university does not operate in the same way and some do not supply university accommodation to the international students. If there is no accommodation system in the university, the students have find out private rented or host-family. There are many options for accommodation like homestay, apartments, and sometimes dorms. Overall, it becomes a very tough job for the students to manage accommodation for them in abroad and for getting rid of this difficulty they can come to us.

At Sunrise Education Consultants, we understand that securing suitable accommodation is crucial for students preparing to study abroad. A comfortable and safe living environment is essential for academic success and overall well-being. As the leading education consultancy firm in Bangladesh, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure our students find the best housing options available.


Our Accommodation and Housing Services Include:


1. University Accommodation Liaison: We coordinate with universities to explore on-campus housing options, ensuring that our students can access dormitories or other university-managed residences when available.

2. Private Rental Assistance: For universities that do not offer accommodation, we assist students in finding private rentals. We guide them through the process of securing safe and affordable apartments, ensuring they understand lease agreements and local housing laws.

3. Homestay Arrangements: We offer homestay options where students can live with local families. This not only provides a comfortable living environment but also helps students immerse themselves in the local culture and improve their language skills.

4. Temporary Housing Solutions: For students who need short-term accommodation upon arrival, we arrange temporary housing solutions. This includes booking hotels or short-term rentals until they find a permanent place to stay.

5. Budget and Financial Guidance: We provide financial advice to help students budget for their housing expenses. This includes understanding the cost of living in their new city and finding affordable yet comfortable living arrangements.

6. Pre-Departure Housing Briefings: Our pre-departure briefings include detailed information on housing options, what to expect, and how to handle potential challenges. This prepares students for the transition and helps them settle in quickly.

7. Ongoing Support: Our support doesn’t end once students have secured accommodation. We remain available to assist with any housing-related issues that may arise during their stay abroad, ensuring they have a smooth and stress-free experience.


Why Choose Sunrise Education Consultants?


There are many education consultancy firms in Bangladesh and Sunrise Education Consultancy Firm stands in the first position because of their sincere, cordial, prompt and standard service. Sunrise Education Consultancy Firm gives many services to the students who want to go to study in abroad from Bangladesh like student assessment, consultancy, managing scholarship, admission, visa process, accommodation, managing air ticket and many others. Accommodation is one of the services Sunrise Education Consultancy Firm provides to the students for going to study in abroad from Bangladesh.

It ensures the students a smooth and easy process for going to abroad and the students do not face any difficulty rather they enjoy the process. This firm is always at the side of the students for any kind of service regarding going to abroad for study. The services of other education consultancy firms of Bangladesh may not be as good, standard and reliable as the services of the Sunrise Education Consultancy Firm. So the students should come to the right place for accurate guideline for going to abroad for study.

Sunrise Education Consultancy Firm does the communication with the universities where they want to study and tries to manage accommodation for the students of Bangladesh who want to go in abroad. This firm ensures the students that they will have a suitable and comfortable accommodation in abroad.

Sunrise Education Consultants is dedicated to providing the highest standard of service to students planning to study abroad. Our comprehensive accommodation and housing services are designed to remove the stress and uncertainty of finding a place to live in a foreign country. With our expert guidance and support, students can focus on their studies and enjoy their international experience to the fullest.


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For more information on our accommodation and housing services, or to discuss your specific needs, please visit our office or contact our friendly team. Let Sunrise Education Consultants make your transition to studying abroad as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Sunrise also provides the services as mentioned below to keep it's status in a standard position.

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2. Guideline/ Counseling
3. Manage Scholarships
4. Admission
5. Guideline to Visa Process
6. Finance Assistance
7. Travel Assistance
8. Pre-Departure Orientation

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