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Study in Italy from Bangladesh


Thanks for your interest about study in Italy from Bangladesh. Study opportunity in worlds most ancient universities in English medium in undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma. Italian universities offer wide range of courses with free tuition fees which is less than any other country in Europe. For Bangladeshi students great opportunity full scholarship in Italy from Bangladesh. Italy student visa from Bangladesh requirements are easier than others, but processing time is little bit lengthy. Visit our office or call +88 01911 87 82 74 for basic information.


Scholarships in Italy


Italy provides a lot of features that make your education experience worthwhile as an international student. Friendly locals, historical events, literate surroundings, and remarkable beauty. There are many opportunities for international students to explore when they decide to study in Italy. There are many types of education scholarships available in Italy, such as MBBS Scholarships and Engineering ones. Below is a detail discussion on how to obtain the necessary scholarships in Italian institutes of education compared to the expenses of a self-funded student.


Scholarship sponsored study in Italy


There is a wide range of scholarships available to study in Italy and acquire the top-class educational services from the country’s institutions.


Full scholarships in Italy


This type of scholarship offers international students a full guarantee of paid tuition and accommodation fees by the institution. There is a possibility of the host institution to cater for your other expenses such as travel and medical costs. This varies from one scholarship to another depending on the type of scholarship and the institution’s terms and conditions. Individual institutions may offer full scholarships in Italy for the disposal of international students looking to study abroad.


Partial scholarships in Italy


This type of scholarship involves the intended institution catering for half your tuition accommodation fees while you handle the other half. It does not necessarily have to be half the amount as partial can also imply 75% or even 80%. This type of scholarship rarely caters to your medical and travel costs. Still, it also varies from one institution or scholarship to another.


Self-funding study in Italy


Studying without scholarships can prove to be difficult as one has to pay for all your tuition fees and other expenses incurred. Most Italian universities, however, do not require tuition fees; thus, all you have to cater to are the accommodation expenses. This is due to the reason that many of the government-sponsored universities offer the free education set by the government of Italy. However, some universities require a tuition fee to be paid, but this varies from one college to another.


Average tuition expense


For a self-sponsored student, an average of 2000 – 4000 EUR is the average tuition fee required for most normal universities in Italy. For the prestigious and top-class colleges, one would need around 5000 – 8000 EUR to get by for tuition expenses.


Average accommodation fee


To get by, around 900 – 1500 EUR may be needed for a liveable experience in accommodation fees for educational institutions. One should note that the price may vary depending on the institution. Rome tends to be more expensive as compared to other cities, and the accommodation fee for institutions situated there may reach heights of up to 1600 EUR.


Average food expenses


For a typical student, their food costs can reach an average of 300 EUR if planned carefully. Unless you’re a big spender or the amount should seem sufficient to get you through the month.


Average transport costs


Depending on the city you may be residing in or the institution of study, the average price for a bus or train ticket can be around 30 – 35 EUR.


Average extra expenses


This includes utility bills, mobile phone operating costs, academic requirements such as books, and something little to treat yourself on. The average may reach up to 300 EUR.


The total average cost of studying in Italy


Depending on the city you are living, and the location of the study, the total cost of studying in Italy varies around 5000 – 7000 EUR.


Why study in Italy?


Italy is a serene environment full of fashion, food, fun, and everything enticing this world has to offer. Millions of people come to travel from all corners of the globe to visit this European entrepiece in the middle of the Mediterranean every single year for whichever purpose they had in mind. Setting up to study or live abroad in Italy is different from touring the country for a vacation. It requires readiness and preparation to adopt one of the most unique and legendary cultures that exist on the face of the earth. If you’re considering going abroad to study, here are some of the best reasons to choose to study in Italy for your education to capture a significant experience there is.


A committed education system


The education system in Italy is committed to excellence and the proper growth of residents. Until the age of sixteen, the Italian government provides free and mandatory education for all children to assist in promoting high and efficient levels of literacy among residents. AS the students progress through the various education levels, they are subjected to a specialized school curriculum that drives them towards the different stages of college or university.
At the university level, the curriculum becomes specialized further with induced selective options for life decisions that have more than 20 programs recognized in the top worldwide universities. A more interesting fact is that Italy is graced with the presence of the oldest university in the world found in Bologna. The inspiring institution has had its gates opened for educational services for over 900 years and is still delivering top-class education to this day. Italy is a worthy option for an abroad education.


Divine and delicious food


If you’re worried about the quality of food, you’ll be exposed to while studying abroad. You need to worry not once you settle for great Italy as your final destination. What could be better than enjoying pizza from the original homeland itself? From the streets of Naples, entice your taste buds with exotic flavors found in the famous and natural San Marzano tomatoes or the much craved Mozella cheese. Food could not taste any better at Italy with the freshly baked bread dipped in the fantastic Tuscan olive oil.   Eat to your fill and explore the mouth-watering properties of arancini, which is a famous dish of fried rice balls. Indulge in the film excitement of pasta and meatballs seen in most Italian movies and wash everything down with a sweet splash of Italian wine. Whatever your preferences for taste may be, you will always be satisfied wherever you may study in Italy.


Undefined hospitality


Culture shock is known to be severe conditions that can occur whenever a foreign or international student feels resented to the locals of their newly profound residence. This factor should not be ignored when searching for a perfect institution to study abroad as your comfortability much affects your studies. Italy welcomes foreign or international students and visitors with open arms, some of which may be scarce in other regions of the globe. The ongoing Italian nature of the locals themselves makes you feel at home when far away from home. You are more likely to make friends faster in an Italian environment as compared to other study options. No need to feel isolated while residing and studying far from home when you can have another home right where you are.


Culture, art, history, and much more!


Italy is well known for its significant contributions to Western culture and especially concerning art, music, literature, theatre, and unique architecture. There is a place to study all that you desire in Italy. If you prefer to major in music, Perugia, Venice, Florence, Milan, and Rome will give you the best of Gioachino Rossini. If you fancy art, then you’re in luck as Italy brings you the best of Michael Angelo all over the region with paintings and sculptures beyond the modern artistic eye. If you’re drawn to an architectural course, the influences of Pauda, Italy’s oldest city, will be at your disposal. With a legendary history and fame, Italy puts you in the middle of the world revolution as well as evolution, and any student will be sure to appreciate such opportunities. With access to countless original masterpieces and buildings which survived hundreds of years, any student will be lucky to study in Italy.


Serene weather conditions


With a Mediterranean location, Italy provides one of the most favorable climatic conditions in Europe. It is warmer than its northern neighbors and almost has clear blue skies throughout the year. The environment is serene with fresh and clean air suitable for sunny walks or picnics that will brighten your study days in any Italian institution. There is much more to love with the Italian weather, which creates a suitable living and studying condition for any international student.


Amazing Italian language


If you insist on taking a foreign language, then Italian might be the one suitable for your speech desires. With the language at your fingertips, you will able to understand the historical masterpieces of Dante or Machiavelli in their original text before the translation took away the transquillity. Understand the famous Pavarotti in his beautiful Italian language and attract analytical thinking skills from the desirable onsets of Alzheimer’s.


Top-class healthcare


Italy’s Mediterranean diet is a substantial popular alternative for those concerned with their health and wellness. What’s more, Italy provides a top-class health care system for all its citizens as well as non-citizens. Did you know that Italians tend to be ranked lower than the set average in health issues and illnesses? They are also listed above average on life expectancy levels worldwide. If you’re planning on studying abroad, your expected health status should be the primary concern during the selection as you cannot study with poor health. Italy offers you an
opportunity to maintain your healthy lifestyle if not improve it with its unique and desired diet. Furthermore, if you’re looking to study medicine or the impact of cuisine on health, Italy will
provide you with exceptional programs. 
 Italy is a popular exotic destination for international students looking to study overseas. It will always deliver efficient and unique resources to make your education an enjoyable experience worth wanting to relive.


The best universities/colleges in Italy for your study abroad


With a rich and famous history, award-winning delicacies, and incredible vistas, Italy is one of the most craved educational regions for international students. There are thousands of educational programs at your disposal, all of which are recognized worldwide for better professional exposure and opportunity. The search for a suitable university for your intended study program in Italy can be overwhelming due to the many exciting choices available. Here is a list of some of the best universities that Italy has to offer:


 University of Bologna


The University of Bologna stands as the oldest university in the world with over 900 years in service. It is a college that provides much more than just an educational experience as it exposes you to word-class history, food, and universal edginess. Its massive halls and archways have been distinctive homes to its students for centuries. They are famous for the presence of a political-minded population and its love for good food. Meat and cheese are the university most rampant, mouth-watering delicacies that are sure to entice the taste buds of any student. Bologna university offers an immersive cultural experience for all international students. The city is substantially large with a central location, thus exposing students to the enticing  wonders of city life. The university is located in the heart of the town. It gives out its historic medieval look while providing many opportunities for making diverse friends with other


Florence University of the Arts (FUA) 


When choosing to study abroad, students will go for a place that offers more excitement in and out of their studies and not just an excellent educational experience. Florence University of the Arts goes far and beyond to expose international students to exquisite lifestyles and cultures. Visiting cultured museums, listening to singers and artists on the streets and eating your weight in panini is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a preference for arts, the classrooms provide the opportunity for any student to explore the gates of education in artistic perspective. The university is situated in one of the greatest artistic cities on the face of the globe. This allows any student to immerse themselves in everyday art life with culture and history itching on every corner of the town. Why settle for learning art alone when there’s a place in Italy that allows you to live in the art itself as well. This will enable you to get a better chance of experiencing top-class education.

The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC)


Milan offers students both local and international/foreign a chance to live and experience the glamorous life with a hint of old-world grandeur in the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. The university is located downtown of Millan and offers a more inclusive campus feel with a stunning centralized campus site. It is the largest private university in all of Europe, with courses being taught in both English and Italian languages. The university provides top-quality academics. It is especially famous for its business, economics, finance, and law programs that attract students from all walks of life. UCSC grants students a full exposure to diversity with its largest population made up of international students. You will never feel isolated in such a learning institution. The city is bustling with cut-edging fashion and a spectacular cathedral with its more of its residents being young and trendy. 


The Università Degli Studi di Padova (UNIPD)


Famously known as “Padua” in English, this is the second-oldest university founded in 1222 in Italy. The city of Padua is termed as “college town” with awesome medieval architectural designs all-around offering a unique Italian experience. Casanova, Copernicus, and Tasso are all big names in the field of science and engineering that originated from the great university of UNIP. The largest population of the city is made up of university students, thus the probable reason for the name “campus town.”  Student life thrives in the city of Padova hence making the university a better option for international students looking for a place to fit in. 


The Italian International Institute in Rome


This is one of the top educational institutions with specifically structured programs tailored for international students. The university provides study abroad programs for international students looking to base their education in Italy. The institution is famous for applications such as arts, history, and foreign affairs, thus providing excellent opportunities word-wide
for the students taking such courses. The best trait from such an institution is the organization of its classes in a more American or British structure. This does away with the chances of cultural shock among students, especially those focused on indulging in the material rather than the culture. It is easier to get through such a university as compared to other colleges where you would be required to peruse through tons of Italian content.


Student life in Italy


In Italian institutions of learning, students have the opportunity to live in furnished apartments or flats depending on the package or accommodation expense they have paid for. It is up to the students to prepare their food or decide to dine at a hotel. One should not get the wrong idea of a costly lifestyle for students studying in Italy. It is quite an affordable place for any international student and both food and transport. Students can move around Italy with the best train and bus networks, which are efficient and very affordable. For students, the expenses are affordable, and this allows them to experience the fullwonders of the country and gain experience beyond their educational borders. Getting a scholarship in Italy depends on your past background and education. Different institutions offer different types of scholarships, whether partial or full scholarships in Italy, depending on your education and scores. The Italian government scholarships are majorly concerned with such factors before taking in any international student. If you're looking to study abroad, especially in Italy, while in Bangladesh, and you have no idea where to start, you should look for the best consultancy firm in Bangladesh for Italy.


What to look for when choosing the best consultancy firm for Italy


The best consultancy firm in Bangladesh for Italy will help you get started on your application for a full scholarship in Italy. They will assist you in choosing the best institution that will cater to your education needs in full. For you to know which consultancy firm is right for you, you need to consider the following factors:


Good communication skills


A right consulting firm will be able to listen to your desires and communicated in a very efficient manner. You should ensure that the firm pays close attention to your educational needs and demonstrates the ability to give an honest opinion and carefully explain their suggestions. This allows you to be comfortable with the selection of your choice. Excellent communication also assures you of an exceptional experience when choosing to study in Italy.


A successful track record


One should always ask for the people that the firm has worked with and their success rate in getting the scholarships for Italy. Some firms may be great at pitching you their services but have no records of successful scholarships. Ensure that the firm can also refer you to past students or clients who got a chance to travel to Italy on a fully paid scholarship. Real client references can help you in determining the best consultancy firm in Bangladesh for Italy.


Reasonable service fee


A good consultancy firm will know that you are looking for a scholarship as you cannot afford to sponsor yourself abroad for your studies. They will, therefore, provide you with adequate services at a rate that makes sense for your financial state.


Abroad range of experience in consultancy


The best consultancy firm will have a team that is well experienced in working with clients over long periods. The personnel should be able to offer the options available for scholarships in Italy and carefully guide you in making the best of decisions. It should also be honest in their opinions about the options available and give you both the pros and cons of
different institutions.


Final thoughts


Studying in Italy on a scholarship can expose you to many opportunities to experience more than what your intended program has to offer. There is more to life than just your education skills hence the need to travel, learn, and explore the beautiful life that Italy has to offer. Many institutions within Italy offer sponsorships for international students to get the most out of world-class education with a change in serene.


Entry Requirements for study in Italy


For Bachelor Program: Every student at least 12 years study has to be completed (HSC), Diploma also apply bachelor program. Study gap maximum 5 years is accepted and Madrasa Education is allowed. HSC result not be below GPA 3.50/5.00 and Need IELTS 6.0
For Masters Program: At least bachelor Pass (Hons. BSc, BBA, BA). NU degree pass accepted. Study gap maximum 6 years.
Language Proficiency: IELTS Score 6.0 minimum (Study in Italy from Bangladesh student need to have IELTS 6.0 (over all). This IELTS score required for only for Bangladeshi student who apply study in Italy from Bangladesh)


How much time will need to get Italy student visa from Bangladesh?


Highly recommended to apply for Italy student visa at list 3.5 months before class start date. Note: Italy student visa processing time is little bit lengthy. Usually, Italy VFS or Italy Embassy, Dhaka takes up Minimum 21 Calendar Days required for applying study visa to get Italy visa from Bangladesh.


How much money do I have to show in my bank account?


If you are apply for study in Italy from Bangladesh you need to BDT 12,00,000 (min) in a personal bank account in Bangladesh and proof of financial solvency. 

Required Documents for study in Italy:


1. Passport valid for at least six months.
2. recent Passport size photo.
3. SSC, HSC & Bachelor Certificate & Transcript
4. IELTS Certificate (IELTS Score 6.0)
5. Medium of Instruction Certificate (if have)
6. Two Recommendation Letter (for Masters)
7. CV (.docx file).


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