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Anisuzzaman Kiron Founder & CEO at Sunrise Education Consultants

Anisuzzaman Kiron

I hope you find the information here topical and useful to you. Sunrise Education Consultants is a Bangladesh-based company specialized in education consultancy and immigration services, English Language training courses. With a strong assurance to the professional development of our counselors, teaching staff and excellent links to the wider community, your experience at Sunrise Education Consultants will be a positive one. Navigating through the website will pay you a lot of information about the company. Your expectations and many others things are well described on the website which will assist your plan your life long before.

We believe we retain uniqueness when compared with other companies by focusing our strong strength. Each member of our team has valuable practical experience in their field and between us, our range of experience is as big as it is deep. We work with receive a personal, fitted service and we do not take on more assignments that we can not handle. We work with receive and the full attention they deserve. We acknowledge the importance of sustaining close client relationships throughout the duration of an assignment and wide. It is in forming these partnerships that we are able to get fully the complexities of each isolate assignment and to respond with a bespoke solution. Through our commitment to continually deliver the best standards of service, we provide extensive and unique tailor made services. It is our extensive knowledge and expertise that has helped us to resolutely grow into the leading position. I therefore call on you to join us so that you can share in our marvelous experience. If you do not find the information you are watching for in this website contact us, we will listen to you and your wishes and provide you a practical estimate on everything. I look forward to watching you anytime soon.

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Experience:    14+ Years
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